Pet-friendly things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an ideal destination for anyone with a pet. Hiking the trails in search of wildlife can provide you with some unforgettable moments as your furry friend tags along. The city also has plenty to offer visitors, from business opportunities and nightlife scenes, making it one of America’s most popular cities today–to its Southwestern culture, which will have people traveling far just so they could experience this part of the country first hand too.

natural beautyOne of the greatest parts about traveling to Arizona is seeing its stunning natural beauty. From witnessing incredible rock formations like The Grand Canyon or Petrified Forest, you’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with this state.

You can also explore national parks such as Monument Valley, which offer trails for all abilities, plus breathtaking views from mountains overlook along hiking routes. The joy of exploring is just as accessible for pets and their owners in Phoenix. Below is the guide to the best hiking trails, parks & restaurants that will help you make time outside together.

Friendly Trails for Pets in  Phoenix, Arizona

All pets require a leash and must be walked on leashes. When the temperatures rise, make sure to monitor your pet’s safety because they are not allowed at all within city limits when it gets too hot.

Waterfall Canyon Trail (White Tank Mountain Regional Park)

This hike is perfect for you and your pet! With an abundance of rocks to clamber over, shallow pools with enough water that will allow your pet to take their first dip in the great outdoors while they explore nature’s beauty.

Go John Trail (Cave Creek Regional Park)

The moderate hike through Cave Creek Regional Park is a great way to enjoy the towering Saguaro cactuses and blooming wildflowers while getting some exercise! You’ll also have fun meeting other people on this 5.9-mile run if you’re up for it.

Friendly Patios for Pets in  Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, there are three locations that all have loyal pet populations enjoying great happy hour deals as well as some nice company alongside their four-legged friends too; it doesn’t get much better than this.

Morning Squeeze

If you’re looking for an awesome brunch place that also embraces your pet, check out this place! They serve up some pretty great food and drinks. The pup cakes pancakes with sausage gravy are a must-have; it’s not too sweet like other breakfast foods can sometimes be–it has just enough spice to make things interesting while still being savory at its core.

Parks for Pets in  Phoenix, Arizona

Papago Park

Papago ParkPapago Park is an excellent place for you and your pup to explore. Whether on a leash or letting them run free, there are many trails that cross through different formations of rocks in this unique Papak Ōlu’s landscape! You can also take it outside with an off-leash section located at one corner where pets aren’t allowed just yet but will be soon once they’re finished playing fetch today.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just want to let your pet run free, there are plenty of ways for both humans and their pets alike in Papago Park. 


Chaparral Off-Leash Area

This 3-acre park has plenty for your pet to do. The designated active and passive areas allow dogs like you the freedom of running around with other canines in friendly confines or taking advantage of shade trees while letting off steam by playing fetch.

It’s such an established place that there’s no need at all for begging; every inch is taken care off so they’ll never run out whatever kind might be needed – whether it means socializing via long throws during playtime (fetch!), getting some much-deserved rest on one of our many provided seating posts.

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