15 Easy Steps on How to Replace a Car Windscreen

Windscreens are made up of laminated glass with a plastic interlayer designed to keep the structure together in case of cracks or chips. The plastic layer also takes on most of the impact if you have a crash, keeping your passengers safe from injuries caused by broken glass.

The windscreen of your car receives more than its fair share of abuse on the road. Bugs, grime, and other items that fly off the back of other cars can leave their marks on your windscreen, which finally leads to cracks at some point.

Benefits of Windscreen Replacement for your car

There are several reasons to consider windscreen replacement. One of the most important is that it can increase the safety of your vehicle. This makes a difference when you’re driving, where even fractions of a second can make all the difference when it comes to making sure you have control over your car at all times.

Having a chip repaired may seem like an affordable option, but this should ideally only be done if the crack is less than 12 inches in length. Chips left unattended can spread under the plastic layer and cause extensive damage, requiring a complete windscreen replacement rather than just simple repairs.

Replacing the car windscreen is not as complex or complicated as it may first seem; with a little bit of experience and knowledge, any average Joe can efficiently complete this job. If you are thinking about replacing your car windscreen, below are some great tips to help you through the process.

15 Steps to Replace Car Windscreen

It’s essential to use a reputable auto glass company to meet all of your needs and provide quality service. They not only assure the quality of work but also make the installation last longer. But if it still puzzles you look into the below steps and get acquainted with the complete replacement process of the windscreen.

Step # 1

Understanding how to remove and install the windscreen correctly is crucial, as it will enable you to do the job with ease. Consider this step as essential, and your car might not pass its MOT or fail insurance tests. Therefore, you should use a reputable company to ensure that this step is done correctly.

Step # 2

If the car windscreen has been broken, you must check for any cracks or damages before handling it. In case of a crash, replacing the whole windscreen would be the option as it may shatter again and cause further damage. In addition, damages such as chips or star cracks need to be filled, and the windshield should be polished.

Step # 3

You will want to check the backlight as some new windscreens do not have them at all, some will come with a new bulb, some may require you to transfer yours from your old one. In case of a broken backlight, you can get it replaced simultaneously.

Step # 4

Using a set of windscreen tools, you will need to remove your old windscreen. Tools are available at most auto-parts stores and should not cost more than $50. If you are unsure how to use them, hire an auto glass professional or refer to your car handbook. When the windscreen has been removed, it is off to be professionally recycled.

Step # 5

Before you fit your replacement car windscreen, wash the surface using plain water and dry it with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. After doing this, clean it with alcohol and leave it to dry for two hours. You do not want any dirt or oil left on the surface as this will result in an unprofessional finish, and in some cases, the windscreen will not fit properly.

Step# 6

If you are using a new glass kit, ensure that all glass components are compatible with each other, such as sealants and adhesives. Before installing the new windscreen, install all the features mentioned in the instructions.

Step # 7

When you are ready to fit your replacement car windscreen, begin by carefully placing it on top of your vehicle. Make sure that you correctly line up the rubber gasket with the lip of the windshield frame and put it on top, ensuring that no stress is applied to your vehicle.

Step #8

Ensure that the gasket is appropriately lined up with the windshield frame and apply a liberal amount of adhesive or sealant to it before removing excess material. Use special glass installation tools to ensure an airtight fit.

Step # 9

Before you tighten any screws, make sure that you clean them with a cloth, as some screws may have been in storage for an extended period and may be covered in dirt or oil that will compromise the surface. After they are clean, go ahead and tighten them using an appropriate screwdriver.

Step# 10

The next step is to properly align your new car windscreen with the wiper blades. A helpful tip is to find the lowest point in the rubber seal. To align, insert the blade at this level with its bottom edge (not side) against windshield glass, where it should properly sit in a groove when closed. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on removing, moving, and re-inserting them before fitting your windscreen.

Step# 11

To ensure that your car windscreen is adequately secured, apply a liberal amount of adhesive or sealant to the groove under the wiper blade and allow it to dry for about an hour.

Step #12

After drying the windshield, start checking for leaks around the windshield frame and underneath the wiper blades. If not properly sealed, water will eventually come in, damaging the car engine.

Step# 13

After letting it dry for an hour, tighten the screws again to secure your replacement car windscreen to the vehicle. This also helps ensure that no water leaks through any of the seams.


The final step is to go ahead and remove the film covering from your new car windscreen. This will be convenient for you to see how well it sits on your vehicle and if any fixtures need to be made. If there are any issues, make sure that you clean them up before applying more adhesive.

Step #15

Now that you have finished the installation of your replacement car windscreen, you will need to get it checked by an authorized person. This is important as they are trained to spot any issues that may have been missed, such as being able to see inside another car or check underneath the wiper blades (if they are hidden, this may indicate a problem with the installation).


Replacing your car windscreen is a simple process that can be done at home with the proper knowledge, tools, and parts.

The car windscreen is one of the most critical components of a car. If you are planning to sell your old car for scrap, then more than likely, it will be replacing the car windscreen before selling it. A scrap dealer looking to buy your old car would not be interested in purchasing an old damaged vehicle with a broken or severely cracked Car windscreen. The car windscreen plays a vital role in protecting the driver and passenger inside the car against any outside danger.

The broken glass replacement might be expensive, but it is better than putting at risk the lives of you and your passengers. A small crack or chip on the Car Windscreen can turn into something much larger within days, leaving you with a broken windscreen.

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